How our bike rack for 8 bikes came to be. You can carry up to 8 bikes.

How This Happened


  In 2003 after the birth of our twins(number 5 and 6) we decided to purchase a motor home. This was a way to take the whole family (eight of us) on vacation avoiding motel bills and restaurants.

      All went well until everyone wanted to bring their bicycles along. I searched high and low for hitch mounted bike rack for 8 bikes. The maximum capacity rack I could find was a bike rack for 6 bikes. I needed a new approach. I needed a bike rack that would safely carry up to 8 bikes.

      My first attempt was a hitch mounted cargo tray. Needless to say, stacking eight bicycles on that tray was not only a challenge but was not very easy on the bicycles. After damaging most of the bicycles I decided I needed to come up with a better solution.        

     When the bicycles were in winter storage I would hang them from hooks on the barn ceiling. This led me to think a bicycle rack that I could "hang the bicycles on" would be the answer.

     Being somewhat handy I designed and welded together my first rack.

     After several summer vacations and many people being curious about where I bought the rack, I thought it might be a good idea to attempt to bring my contraption to market.

    To make a long arduous story short I then applied for a patent (no small feat) and found a manufacturer which brings us to this point.

     If you happen to purchase one of our bike racks, I first thank you, and wish you many years of bicycle carrying pleasure.

Jack Mayers